If you wish to delete a single avatar or even your entire game account, here's how to proceed.

Delete Game Account

1) Log in to the gameworld you wish to leave.

2) Open the settings page (the cog wheel on the top right) and go to Settings and locate the delete account section


3) Select Delete Account.

A pop-up asks you to confirm that you want to delete your avatar.


At this point, the deletion process begins. It takes 72 hours to complete. You can continue playing during this time and cancel the deletion process whenever you wish. 



  • For legal reasons and to ensure your consumer rights, you can't start the deletion immediately if you have recently purchased Sapphires. The Arkheim team can't speed up this process.
  • If you cancel the deletion in progress, change your mind, and decide to delete your avatar again, the 72-hour delay will restart. 

While the avatar is being deleted, a warning message will display ingame.

Once the deletion process is done, your transferable Sapphires will be moved to the lobby.

Delete Lobby account

Arkheim does not offer a direct feature for deleting your main (lobby) account.

But that does not prevent you from asking us to delete it.

Keep in mind that you will lose everything you achieved in Arkheim This includes active avatars, experience, acheivements transferable sapphires, and the forum profile.

If you want to delete your Arkheim game account, send us a ticket via the Help Center:   Raise a New Ticket

Please specify:

Of course, we will be sorry to see you go, but we'll take care of your request.