A list of terms and their explanations, that will help you understand the game better, or refresh your game knowledge. List will be updated on a regular basis.

Amulet charge(s): In the Dungeon, a ‘Soulshine Amulet’ charge calls upon all Fallen ever gained to fight Demons in 50 increasingly difficult stages. It charges once every 8 hours and you can stack up to maximum 10 Amulets. You can create additional Amulets with the Soul Energy, in Soul Forge.

Ark: Is the center of your Realm and the starting point of troop movements. Here you can see your realm’s Warlords. The Ark cannot be attacked.

Ark power: Your realm needs Ark power to level-up. Orbs generate Ark power. You can also get it by completing Realm quests, or by clearing Goblin barricades on map.

Ascension: Process performed by all Realms who want to reach the higher Islands, and then Eternal Light. Ascension can happen with the help of an Ascension Gate.

Ascension Gate: Your realm needs to conquer it in order to ascend. For that, you need to have the required Orbs and you also need to defend the gate from enemy attacks during the ascension.

Building slots: When you want to build, upgrade or dismantle a construction in your town, you need to have a free building slot. There are 2 slots available by default. You can unlock 2 more additional slots, for 500 Sapphires each. If a slot is occupied by an order, you cannot use it. You can cancel a construction order any time, by clicking on the X button. You can also use scrolls or Sapphires to accelerate the construction time.

Demons: NPC race (non-playable character) that you can encounter in the Dungeon. The Demon forces lurk deep in the Dungeon and have so far never be seen in the light of day.

Dungeon: Place where your Fallen soldiers can fight against Demon forces. After a successful battle, you will gain rewards such as: resources, sapphires, tomes and warlord items. If you fail in battle, you will still get some XP. Remember that you can increase the power of your soldiers with mastery points (for Dungeon bonuses, but also the strength of Tier I, II and III troop slots).

Dwarf / Dwarves: One of the two current playable races (Elves and Dwarves)

Elf / Elves: One of the two current playable races (Elves and Dwarves)

Eternal Light: Purpose of the game. Mighty Realms battle to ascend through Islands and to reach the Eternal Light.

Fallen: Warriors that have died in surface battles return as Fallen, according to their type: infantry, cavalry, artillery. They can be used in the Dungeon against Demon Forces. In the Endgame phase they can be equipped to warlords, if these are changed from normal to Fallen warlords. Fallen will then be used to attack Eternal Gates against Demons who rise from the Dungeon to the surface and occupy the Eternal Gates and which can only be defeated by Fallen, or against other Fallen soldiers from enemy realms. Fallen do not die permanently when used in the Dungeon. They die in endgame when they are used with Fallen warlords.

Goblins: NPC race (non-playable character) that you can attack in game and gain rewards. Goblins are everywhere, and nobody knows how and why.  


Goblin Barricade(s): The barricades will appear near your Ark. They have to be attacked by each Realm member in order to become inactive, and they will reactivate after some time. As reward, you will receive resources and XP for your account and your Realm will get Ark power. Barricades are a great source of Ark power, so it’s very important to clear them.

Goblin Camp: Target practice spot in your town. You can attack the Goblins from the camp for some resources and XP. The camp will respawn stronger in an increasing interval (there’s a countdown for when the camp will respawn).

Goblin Horde: Goblin’s army faction name.

Goblin Tower(s): They will appear near or inside your Realm. You can attack them to gain XP, gather more Fallen warriors and to steal Orbs. Other Realms can attack you while you raid a Goblin Tower and steal the Orbs for themselves.

Island(s): The continent is split into 4 Islands: Cornicula, Midiata, Tragonos and Panselon. To win the game, you need to reach the highest island, but you can compete also for the island rankings instead. Each island comes with new rules. It increases number of Towers per player and Portals per Realm, and you can upgrade Towers and Supplies to a higher level. As the game world progresses, the combat becomes more intense.

Item(s): Gear for Warlords. 

An item offers a bonus in battle. See Warlords article for more details.

Map: Place where all multiplayer actions happen.  All relevant player movements are shown directly on the map.

Mastery Point(s) / Masteries: Skill points that you can gain when your avatar levels up (1 point per level). You can invest the points to improve some characteristics in game (your attack force, reduce training time for troops, boost resource production, improve infrastructure or gain bonus for dungeon attacks). Masteries can be reset by using 1 ‘Light of the Phoenix’ scroll or 200 Sapphires.

Moon phase(s): Time interval of the game world. After the game world reaches a defined age, a new Moon Phase starts and provides some changes. Most importantly, a new island unlocks, but: you can also upgrade your buildings to a higher level, you can build additional buildings and have new troops to train.

Orb(s): By building Towers, realms expand their territory and mine a resource called 'Arcane Orbs'. The orbs generate Ark power and are needed to activate the Ascension gates to the next higher Island, and thus most often they are the cause for conflict between realms.

Population: Every building in your town requires population to be built or upgraded. You can increase your population by building and upgrading Houses.

Portal(s): Can be built on Realm territory by leaders, starting from Island III. The whole Realm has to donate resources and defend the construction site while it is activating. Once activated, it acts as a sort of mini Ark – Warlords can be teleported there instantly. Being a powerful device, surrounding Realms usually try to prevent such a construction.

Quest(s): Individual or Realm quests; You can complete individual missions to learn the game and gain rewards (XP, resources, troops, Sapphires and other rewards). There are also Realm quests, which you can fulfil together with your team members to gain Ark power (which needed for your Realm to level-up).

Race(s): At registration, players must choose a race between the two existing ones: Elves or Dwarves. Each race has pros and cons, and different playing styles. It would be wise to try to play both races in time, during rounds that come, to see which one suits you best and to understand how they work. This will help you defeat your enemies more efficiently, plan a better attack, a better defence, based on the race's Warlord characteristics and troop types.

Realm(s): The Realm is formed by you and the players you will fight alongside, in the multiplayer part of the game (the map). After you finish the tutorial, you can either join an existing Realm, or create a new one. A Realm can have maximum 15 members and all slots are available from the beginning. 

Resource(s): There are 3 normal resource types: Wood, Iron and Crop. These are needed to train troops, build/upgrade buildings and resource fields, to donate to supplies or upgrade towers. There are also special resources: Orbs, Soul Energy and Sapphires. 

Report(s): News from/about your realm (E.g. Towers that are built, attacks started and their results - attacks on occupied Supplies, Barricades, Training ground, other Realms etc.) can be seen in Reports menu. You can also watch the battles that took place on the map.

Ruin(s): Tower ruins; After you ascended to a new Island, there will be some Tower ruins on the map which your Realm members can claim or choose to ignore until they dismantle. Claiming a ruin after Ascension will help your Realm expand faster. Remember that Towers can later on be dismantled. After conquering an enemy tower, they will also turn into claimable ruins. Check Towers for more information.

Sapphire(s): Is the Premium currency of the game (special resource) and it's used in various actions: unlocking additional building slots, unlocking Warlords, speed up construction/deconstruction of buildings, reset Mastery Points etc.

Scroll(s): ‘Spells’ that can help in various actions in game: reset Mastery Points, exchange resources, reduce construction/dismantling time, instant supply delivery, or boost Supply production. In absence of Scrolls, you can use Sapphires.

Soul Energy: You gain Soul Energy by killing enemy troops in PVP battles - the stronger the enemy, the more you will get. Ancient magic can be performed with the help of the Soul Forge building. You can use it to recharge your Amulet Charges, earn Mastery Points or upgrade your Warlord Items.

Supply/Supplies: Resource or troop supplies can be found on map. At first, they are occupied by Goblin hordes. When you build Towers to expand your Realm’s influence, you can take Supplies under your territory and only then you can conquer them, by attacking them and winning the fight against Goblins. Once conquered, your Realm members will gain their bonuses every 24 hours. The bonus and timing you see are your own, and you can never take anything away from your fellow realm members.

Training Ground: A special place where you can train by competing against other members of your Realm. During training you can gain XP. Troops won’t die when fighting battles in here.

Tower(s): They can be built on map by all Realm members to extend your Realm’s influence. Towers mine and hold Orbs. You can attack other realms towers either by raiding to take their Orbs, or by conquering the Towers. The number of Towers you can have is limited per Island. Towers can be built and then dismantled, to be positioned better and thus reach farther supplies or strategic points on map. Upgrading a Tower gives a higher Orb production and more Orb storage capacity.

Tower slots: The number of Towers you can build in game. There are 5 slots in total, and they are unlocked gradually, based on Island.

Warlord(s): Commanders of your armies. You can select Warlords according to the number of Warlord slots you have, and based on their characteristics and bonuses, and also change them throughout the game. You can upgrade their characteristics with the help of Soul Forge building. During endgame, you have the possibility to change the normal Warlords into Fallen Warlords, and you can do this as many times as you wish.

War potential: Statistics page – Individual/Realm War potential is based on the number of units and player level. It is used to compare the strength of two players for XP/Soul Energy reward calculation in PvP.

XP: Experience Points. In order to level-up your avatar, you need XP. You can win it through various ways, for example: completing quests, donating resources to supplies on map, or from battles (PvP/PvE).



Game ‘slang’

You might be a great gamer and others might fear you in battles, but do you speak the language of all Arkheim warriors?

Expressions and abbreviations used often by players:

Fort:Towers; In Alpha and Closed Beta, towers were named ‘Forts’. Due to the fact that the majority of players would call them towers, the design team has thought to change their name. The name ‘Fort’ is still being used by some players that have lived and seen these buildings’ old powers with their own eyes.

PvP: Player versus Player (battle where both attackers and defenders are real players)

PvE: Player versus Environment (also known as player versus monster, or PvM in some communities), refers to fighting computer-controlled enemies. In Arkheim, you can fight against Goblins (Goblin Camp in town, Goblin Hordes on map – in occupied supplies, barricades etc.) or Demon Forces (in the Dungeon)

TfT: Thank you for the tome. When a player purchases a Premium package, the other realm members also get a tome and this is them being grateful for the gift they received.