When can I transfer my Sapphires?

There are two ways to transfer Sapphires:

- The gameworld has ended

- You deleted your avatar on a gameworld (currently, players cannot delete their avatars/account; if you wish to have any of them deleted, please contact our Support team).

When that is done, your remaining Sapphires will be automatically transferred to the Lobby. Sapphires will not be transferred if the avatar is banned!

Please also note that the transfer is only possible in browser, not in the mobile apps. If you're a mobile user, open the game website in your mobile browser and log into your game account to proceed with the transfer: www.arkheim.com.

Which Sapphires can be transferred?

Only Sapphires that you have purchased can be transferred. Hence Sapphires that are already transferred once, can be transferred again. Sapphires that you obtained any other way (from Quests, Dungeon etc.) are not transferable.

You can only transfer remaining Sapphires, and as many as you have purchased.

Where can I transfer my Sapphires to?

You can transfer your Sapphires to every Gameworld you have an avatar on. That avatar must not be banned, in the tutorial or in deletion. You can save your Sapphires for an upcoming gameworld too. The Sapphires from Lobby will not expire.

How can I transfer my Sapphires?

Once your Sapphires are transferred to the Lobby you can see the amount in the Gameworld overview.

To transfer them, simply choose the gameworld you want to use the Sapphires on and click "Transfer to [server]". Keep in mind that you cannot split the Sapphires and that the transfer can't be undone. The complete amount will be transferred to the selected Gameworld.