You start the game in your own town, where all your progress is safe. You cannot be attacked directly by other players. Start building and upgrading some buildings to get your resource and troop production going, and test your fighting skills against the Goblins. The tutorial will guide you.

If you are looking for guidance after the tutorial, you should open the Quest Book. Pick the quest you would like to do and click on the small ? to the right to start the quest guidance system. It will point you to the right place to solve the quest.

Every time you unlock something new, there will be a notification with a "Show Me" button leading you to the element in question. Use this to become familiar with your options and discover new areas of the game.

In addition, there are hints shown when you open a window for the first time that give you more information about what you can do there. You can turn hints on or off in the settings.

Last, but not least: You can always find more information about the game in our forum or chat with our friendly and helpful community on discord!