General information

Together with the Realm members you will compete with other Realms for territory, Arcane Orbs, and Ascension. Once you complete the tutorial task of attacking an Ascension Gate, you can either create a Realm or join an existing one.

Since team play is important in Arkheim, you should make sure to use votes, pins and chat to coordinate and communicate with your Realm members.

Your Realm's Ark connects your Town to your current map. All Realm members can place Towers to expand the Realm's territory and gain influence over Supplies, which (once freed from Goblins) will give bonus resources or troops to all Realm members every 24 hours. The Bonus and timing you see are your own, and you can never take anything away from your fellow Realm members.

Towers also produce Arcane Orbs, which in turn produce Ark Power to level up your Realm. You can also gain Ark Power by attacking Barricades and solving Realm Quests. Each Realm level will grant your Realm a small Bonus.

The Arcane Orbs are not only the source of Ark Power but also needed for Ascension. Work together to raid more from Goblin Towers, and later from other Realms - but also remember that you might need to defend your own Orbs from other Realms attacks.

To make coordinating attacks easier, you can use advanced options to delay an attack (gives others more time to join you) or set a target fighting strength (only start an attack when enough players join to reach the fighting strength). You can even combine the two to make sure the attack starts at a certain time, but only if you have enough fighting strength.

Create a Realm option


Realm name: Choose the name you prefer.

Description: Write a short description of your future Realm. It should be something that represents you and your team. The description can be a key factor in recruiting new members. In order to attract new players to join and fight for the same cause together, make it catchy and interesting.

Language: This will be your Realm’s language and it will also determine what players can join. E.g. if you choose ‘International’, then your team’s language will be English. If you choose ‘German’, new German players will be appointed / recommended to apply to join your realm, and so on.

High commitment: if selected, this option will show to players in search of a Realm that your team has high demands from its members, and only very active players will be accepted. This option can only be set upon Realm creation.

Next, you have to choose the flag, symbol and symbol color. Try more variants and see which one you like. When you are happy with the results, click on ‘Create realm’ button.

If you changed your mind during this process, and you think it might be better to join an existing Realm rather than make a new one, you can click on ‘Cancel’ button. This will take you back to the Realm Lobby.

A realm can only be created when 3 members have agreed to join and you have 48 hours to gather all the members. Note that open invitations don’t count. [Note: When EA II round started, there were 10 players needed to create a realm; it has been changed later on, so that players that register later won't have to wait too much to join a team.]

If you want to join a server and you already have your friends waiting, then you can create a Realm from the start.

If you’re new to the game, and you don’t know other players, it would probably be better if you would choose to join an existing realm. You can change your Realm later on in game – join another one, or create one. 



Your Realm

If you have created a Realm, you are automatically the Leader. Your avatar will appear with a crown above it in the Realm’s members list (see 'Yae2' in the screenshot above). 

A Leader has additional rights within the Realm, such as inviting players, or creating announcements for all members. Note that a mighty title as ‘Leader’ comes with a great responsibility. A Leader is expected to guide their warriors and lead them to greatness through battles. 

Sometimes, the responsibility can become too much for one single Leader to carry, and thus, more Leaders can be assigned (through voting), to rule the Realm together. Some Realms can split the responsibilities and more players can take up roles. For example, diplomacy is a key element in game, so one player can take the Diplomat role and make relations with the other Realms (which Realms are friendly, which are rivals, set NAPs etc.); one or more Leaders can be Battle tacticians or Coordinators, to coordinate the team in battles (attack and defence), one can dedicate their efforts to recruit new members and make sure that once they join they are ‘trained’ and brought up to date with the realm’s affairs, and so on.


A Realm can have maximum 15 members, and starting with EA II, all member slots will be available from the start.

Realm menu


Your realm menu has 5 buttons on its left side: Overview, Council, Announcements, Statistics and Supply overview.


Overview: It shows general information about your Realm: position in World and Island ranking, the Island you’re in, language chosen, flag, description, orbs that are in your Realm’s control, War potential, bonuses (for resources and troops), level and a progress circle (how much more ark power is needed until the next level). The question mark “?” shows the bonuses for the next 10 levels. 

Here, you can also see the recruitment status of your Realm:

- Open: players can apply and join immediately; 

- Restricted: players can apply to join, but their application must be accepted by the leader; 

- Closed: no new player can apply.

On the same page you can see the member list and their activity status (if they're online - green circle, or offline - grey circle). You can also see if someone applied to join, or if the Realm leader has sent an invitation to a player to join.

Council: Here you can participate or start a vote within your Realm. You have 3 options: Vote "Yes", Abstain, and Vote "No". 

Votes are usually started by a Leader. Most of them require a certain number of ‘Yes’ votes to succeed (E.g. At least 51% of members voting ‘Yes’, and in some votes it can be higher, up to 66% for ‘Remove Player from Realm’ vote) and the vote can take up to 24 hours. The 24 hours only applies if not enough players participate in the voting. If the required votes are reached, the vote will go through immediately.

You have the following category votes to choose from:

- Change realm name: If your team’s plans change over the course of the game round, the game offers you the option to change the realm name.

- Change realm description: The description can change often, depending on your recruitment status (if you expect players to apply, or if the recruitment is closed), but usually it should contain a few words that describes your team the best.  

- Change realm banner: Same as the name, the banner can be changed during the round, depending on your preferences or diplomacy changes (e.g. if there is an alliance made between more realms and you want to have similar banners).

- Promote to leader: A Realm can have more leaders, so your team can discuss and choose how many rulers it should have.

- Remove leader rights: If a member is not fit for the leading role anymore, their rights can be removed.

- Remove player from realm: In case of inactivity, or if their actions led to it, a member can be kicked from the realm.

- Custom question: You can use it for strategic points like questions about game, or future plans for realm. E.g. Should your realm have a NAP with another realm, should you attack another Realm, how many want to ascend right after the Ascension Gate opens, etc.


Announcements: Leaders can create new announcements, and they will be visible for all realm members. At the bottom of an announcement, you will be able to see which members have read it. Leaders can keep an eye on that list to see how many members read and actually follow the instructions and are involved into the realm’s events.


Statistics: Here you can see the Realm donations (resources donated in Supplies and Towers), kills (troops killed in battles) and stolen orbs (top 10 Orbs gain or stolen - from other Realms). 

Each category will show the list of members, ranked by their actions. In case of stolen Orbs, the statistic is Realm based, to help you identify your main enemies. It is also the delta, so it calculates lost and won orbs between your realm and another realm against each other.


Supply overview: Shows all your realm’s conquered supplies. You can see their level, their production, and you can upgrade, boost it, or set pins. You can choose a specific type of supply, or see all. Also, you can sort the resource supplies based on: level, donatable wood/iron/crop, production time, and boost.