In the beginning, you will arrive on a tutorial map which is situated below the flying islands of Arkheim. Here you will learn the first steps in Arkheim lands, following the tutorial quests.

Tutorial map preview:

The Ark is the center of a realm and the connection from the town to the map. Warlords can be sent out from here or teleported back to the Ark.

Players need to place Towers on the borders to expand their territory and gain control over Supplies. Towers also generate the Realm resource called Arcane OrbsWarlords can be stationed here as support.

Supplies give the whole realm a bonus resource or troop type every 24 hours. They can be boosted and levelled up by the whole Realm members. Supplies newly added to a Realm territory are occupied by Goblins and need to be freed first.

Goblin Barricades appear regularly close to the Ark, on a fixed position with an active/inactive status, and each of them can be attacked once per Realm member to gain resources and Ark power.

Goblin Towers can be raided by players to steal the Orbs they contain. During the raid, players will be placed in the Goblin Tower and can be attacked by players of other Realms. Goblin Towers are therefore skirmish points and located between PVE and PVP content. Raiding a Goblin Tower takes 4 hours.

The Training Ground will allow you to train with your Warlords and fellow Realm members before going to war against the enemy. Troops won't die during the training battles.

All relevant player movements are shown directly on the map (own incoming/outgoing Warlords, your Realm members' Warlords, enemies Warlords that attack your Realm or some other target etc.)

After you finish the tutorial mission where you have to attack an Ascension Gate, you will reach level 5 and from this point further the game will unlock the multiplayer side. You will be able to join a realm (or create one), and you can now access the real map on Island I.

Your Realm territory is marked with a blue coloured line. The green area visible in the screenshot below shows the spots where new Towers can be built by you or other Realm members. When building new Towers, it's important to place them as best as possible, to get more supplies under your Realm's territory.

It is important to know that there are more map modes (styles), which can be accessed in the bottom right menu. The different map modes offer you a better focus on most important actions. These are:

Regular map mode: This mode is set by default. It shows all buildings/map elements on their normal aspect.

Supply upgrade mode: This map mode is designed for a better overview of the supplies from your Realm. You can see the supply type, its level and when you will receive the delivery from that Supply. You can also take its bonus immediately (the hand button) if you have scrolls or if you use Sapphires for an instant delivery, and you donate resources yourself for the supply, by pressing on the plus sign button.

Tower upgrade mode: This map mode offers an overview of all your Realm towers: their current level and resource donations status. You can donate towards a Tower upgrade by pressing on the plus sign button.

Strategy mode: All buildings are flat on this map mode, so that you can notice all movements better. You can also filter movements with the icons appearing.