General information

Buildings can be built in your town, in the construction sites/spaces dedicated for building construction. A building requires population and resources to be built and then upgraded. 

The Citadel works as the main building and unlocks new buildings that you place in the building areas in your town. 

Upgrading the building to maximum level will offer you a bonus. The bonus stacks from multiple buildings.


How many times can you build/place a building?

Classification of buildings




Academy – Battle XP bonus

Citadel – Reduces construction and dismantling time; as the building is upgraded further, new additional buildings can be built.

House – Provides population

Market – Increases resource supply production for yourself

Soul Forge – generates Soul Energy and unlocks new Soul Energy features

Storage – Increases storage capacity



Armory – Trains and unlocks artillery units

Barracks – Trains and unlocks infantry units

Stable – Trains and unlocks cavalry units



Foundry – Increases iron production

Mill – Increases crop production

Sawmill – Increases wood production



The further you upgrade the fields, the more resources they produce:

Crop field – Produces Crop

Lumber Yard – Produces Wood

Iron Mine – Produces Iron